CFIT design programs for every fitness level, focusing on meeting the goal of each client and improving their movement quality and current state of fitness.


Basic Strength Training I

Two times weekly incorporate basic strength training into your program. A combination of upper and lower body movements (push/pull in different planes of motion) to help build muscle, reduce body fat and rev your metabolism.

Basic Strength Training II

Push yourself to reaching your goals with a basic strength training ll programs three times a week. You will be on the fast track to seeing results with staying on schedule with your workouts. This program will provide a combination of upper / lower and total body movements to help build muscle, reduce body fat and rev your metabolism.

Advanced Strength Training

Advance your fitness 4 times weekly working in different rep ranges to increase strength, lean muscle, and metabolism.

Circuit Training

Improve your aerobic fitness and build lean muscle with this circuit training program. This will provide you with different exercise movements without any rest in between sets.


Cardio Combo

Work off that Sunday brunch or train for an obstacle course race! We recommend this class for those who have completed at least two level I courses within the last month.

Bodyweight Moves

This is a great starter just to get you moving. Increase your current fitness level through simple body weight moves.